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Personal Trainer
certified personal training

Realize your goal of a healthy life by designing a personalized fitness program with us. You define your fitness goals and we help you achieve them. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate from an injury or just want to get in shape, we can help you. Women and men of all ages/stages of life are welcome. 


contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, and tour of our studio before you decide if we are the right fit for you.

Power Plate Training
power plate® certified training

The Power Plate is the latest development in whole body fitness. With the use of Vibration Acceleration Training your body is forced to perform muscle contractions 20 to 40 times per second. Translation: In just a few 30 minute sessions you can achieve results that would otherwise take weeks. Experience this for yourself! 

pilates mat classes

Experience whole body fitness through private Pilates mat training. Pilates increases core muscle strength and flexibility. Our sessions are adaptable to participants of any fitness level. 


Sessions are available through a weekly recurring program. 

Personal Trainer
registered physiotherapy

Attain invaluable information regarding your current musculoskeletal fitness and function through a physiotherapy assessment. Recover from injury or manage chronic conditions through physiotherapy treatments. Using a combination of manual treatment methods and functional individualized exercises, we aim to help you attain optimum fitness and function.


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registered massage therapy (rmt)

Help achieve balance in mind and body by incorporating massage therapy into your routine. We offer Registered Massage Therapy to ease your aching muscles.​

We are proud to currently offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, and Myofascial techniques.


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certified shiatsu therapy (cst) 

Promote and maintain health and/or facilitate the treatment of specific conditions. A therapy of Japanese origin, whereby, the practitioner applies bodily pressure using fingers, palms, elbows, feet and passive stretching. The discipline follows the concepts of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

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